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Architecture, sea and energy sources. Housing solution against natural disasters

stilt technology energy sources tides solar panels

Building in Athens between urban and natural. The architecture respects the surrounding environment

edific organic forms

Kinetic architecture in Finland. A pavilion for a relationship between man and nature

pavilion kinetic wood

Chocolate Center in Austria. Light and elegant floors for an environment dedicated to the magic of chocolate

Chocolate Center in Austria with FMG slabs

Jewelry inspired by futurism, the sea and history. Femininity through art

jewelry bijoux coin collection Angela Caputi

Graphics and photography. Pieces of black paper to transform and beautify a captured moment

Paper and perspective in photography

Retail photography and scenery. A journey told through images and window displays

View of a shopping center

Rocking chair between combinations of material, colour and shape. An artistic vision of furniture

rocking chair pastel colors collection

A network to bypass the fulcrum of the house. Light, space and interplay as keywords of the project

double volume wood furniture base custom

This is not a car! The Microlino, which combines the advantages of a motorcycle and those of a car

Access is by the front of the car

Hotel boutique on the shores of Lake Qiandao. The outdoor landscape is reflected in the Design

boutique hotel floor and ceiling in glazed wood

Texture and matter. Collection of seats made of " bamboo skin ", combining tradition and form

Bamboo seat

Fraser Suites in West Bay. Traditional Arab elements and Italian taste for a luxurious and elegant space

Fraser Suites big slabs Fiandre

Architecture enclosed within stone and glass. The building seems to be floating in the air

office building continuous glass facade

Photography and stage theater. Art as gestures and expressions of female bodies

Artist photography as theater stages

White ceramic as a sculpture. Femininity through art and design

Hand-painted white ceramic sculptures

Contemporary Japan in the heart of Milan. Not only a gastronomic experience

Japanese restaurant milan leather chairs wooden table

Reformulating society through beauty. Cultural park in the heart of Sicily

alley and facades of the houses painted with graphics

Sunshine colours for an apartment in Manhattan. Creative interpretation of nature

salon colors green and pink

Graphics and social distance. Posters as communication tools for a new habit

graphic signs social distances