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“ Fazenda" house in Brazil. The Overhang made of reinforced concrete merges with the Stone

Villa with pool

Building in Miami. Five designers design the façade of a parking lot like an "origami"

Facade of a parking lot like an origami

Single-family house in Hanoi. A red brick pattern to blur the boundaries between inside and outside

Single family house in red brick

Space with a glamorous style. Pink and White as the dominant colours

Shop with a white and pink interior

A chaotic and irregular seat. An artistic form that is more like a design object

chaotic sitting irregular red

House on the mountains in Valencia. "White "Fragment" emerges from the Landscape

White house in the mountains of Valencia

Collection of tables. Project that references to triangular curtains

Triangular tables collection

Playground for a shopping mall in China. Combination of Colours and Compositions

city playground

A game of Logos. A reinterpretation using the designer's ironic vision

reinterpreted logo graphics

Minimalist pink and blue. Pastel colours for a new 3D view of the world

Pantone colors and 3D graphics

Monsters in a world of Selfie. Society and separation through illustration

Illustrations and portraits

Food Design and three-dimensional models. The taste at the table is also the aesthetic one

Sweet like sculpture

Music transformed into pictograms. As if the songs were a graphic design

Music and pictograms

Totem as a tribute to Italian Design. Works that sum up projects and designers

Collection of colored miniature objects

In Beijing, a traditional courtyard has been transformed into a kindergarten. Urban fantasy between the old and new

The outdoor park with colored flooring

Colour processing and visual language. Emotional impact of chromatic iterations

Graphic art exhibition

Bamboo and brick used for a library in China. A continuous changing of fairy tale scenarios

Stained glass window and reading room with wooden seats

Fluid mesh installation for the Bruges triennial. A form of Liquid Architecture

Structure in glossy white aluminum

Seats made from polycarbonate sheets. A collection of soft and geometric shapes

polycarbonate seating collection Bouncy Layers

A sustainable Market Hall in Rotterdam. Architecture combining food, leisure and life

The Market Hall with its large arch