Still Life and cooking
Still Life and cooking. The recipe presents itself but is more of a source of inspiration

Through his work in Still Life as a young Danish photographer, Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj, presents in a minimalist and clean way some recipes where the choice of the colours, the geometrical juxtaposition of the raw materials, make them appear more like paintings.

The one taken by the photographer is a campaign for the Danish kitchenware brand Eva Trio. The project is carried out in collaboration with the advertising agency Liquidminds, which introduced the idea of showing the products in a very graphic and clean way.

Still Life and cooking yellow and red tones

The idea is to display a product and fresh ingredients together, illustrating a certain dish ideally made using that specific product. The images work as a presentation of a product and as a source of inspiration for various recipes. But what he wants to highlight most is that when you cook, the pots and pans used are just as important as the ingredients

Still Life and cooking yellow and red tones