wooden beams and concrete pillars pool
Sculptural architecture in Spain. Grid of pillars and beams envelops the central core

From the collaboration between the Sanahuja& Partners studio and the Dutch sculptor Xander, was born the project of this Villa located near the Natural Park of Peñagolosa, in Spain. The architecture is shaped by the iron pillars and wooden beams that surround the house

In the complex of the building you can also recognize the work of Xander, based on the craftsmanship of wrought iron that gives character to the house, instilling its strength in every corner and in all its details. Each viewpoint of the house is designed to be connected to the view of the Peñagolosa Natural Park, towards which the house is mainly oriented

swimming pool in front of the portico in pialstri

As a matter of fact, the Villa is located in the hinterland of Castellón, in a purely mountainous area, and the house stands on a flat and uniform area, making the vertical arrangement of the outer plot even more visible. The concrete pillars, the wooden beams from the pylons of the port of Rotterdam and the iron and glass elements show their true essence without concealing their character

swimming pool in front of the portico in pialstri

In the same way, light plays a fundamental role, completely illuminating the rooms and thanks to light and shadow effects, enhancing the expressiveness of the materials at different times of the day. The project consists of two modules, the main house and the guest area. Each of them is intended to be a separate home, and the distribution of space is clear and transparent, with a ground floor and a small loft, both with great spaciousness and openings to the outside

swimming pool in front of the portico in pialstri



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