Fashion art photographers
Photography, fashion and landscape. The three elements merge into a graphic and perspective game

Photographer Joseph Ford and fashion creator Nina Dodd, collaborate in this project that is not only about photography, but " blending" through a game of perspectives, colours and geometries that are repeated at various levels, thus creating surreal images

Photographer Joseph Ford and fashion professional Nina Dodd devoted more than a thousand hours of work to create those small nuances, those varying customised levels, which had to create a continuum between landscape, environment, human beings, animals and everything that had to appear in the shot, from bus seats to bushes, from carpets to coastlines

photo fashion landscape book

The images are taken with so much scrupulous precision that if the lens were to move by just one centimetre, the entire perspective study would be lost. The work has been included in a book that contains the twenty-five images

photo fashion landscape book