Exhibitors in pastel color
Objects to be exhibited. A collection of Displays inspired by the podiums of Costantino Brancusi

A dichotomy between the content and the container, between exhibition and presentation, the object that acts as an exhibitor is also a unique object. Thus the Moncada Rangel studio reinterprets this concept in a contemporary style, moving away from the usual schemes

Primitives is a choral collection, consisting of nine displays for small items. The objective of this project was to question the dichotomy and boundaries between content and container, exhibition and presentation. Starting from the enchantment of Costantino Brancusi's archetypal podiums for his sculptures, a replica and authenticity are created in an infinite cycle

A yellow display with geometric shapes

Each exhibition is a unique piece handcrafted using plywood and covered with papier-mâché. The creation is the work of graduate students during the modelling course conducted by Moncada Rangel Studio, in the new Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Syracuse, Sicily, Made Program

A yellow display with geometric shapes