nature painting art and graphics
Nature, art and femininity. An exploration of the various worlds through colour, the environment and divinity

Mika Tennekoon describes her land, Sri Lanka, through the use of colour, graphically illustrating her vision of nature, femininity and divinity. Her work reveals her journey between India and England, which always depicts her land of origin

After a course of studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in India, Mika returns to Sri Lanka, her homeland. Her work explores themes such as our relationship with nature and the environment, our connection with the divine feminine and the invisible. In addition, her desire for activism can be seen in her works, respecting nature and the ocean. She has actually worked globally on many projects including "The Great Migration of the West Coast: An Artistic Advantage for Sharks and Oceans" by Pangea Seed

representation of nature blue colors

During her stay in London, she curated art seminars for children for a UK-based non-profit called "A Whale of a Time". This study led her to analyse the relationship between children and art, which appears in the graphic schemes of her paintings

representation of nature blue colors

Her most recent works include collaborating with the Galle Literary Festival in Sri Lanka to curate the Art Walk, an art exhibition that welcomes local and international artists. She has also exhibited her work at the Saskia Fernando Gallery, one of the main galleries on the island

representation of nature blue colors