Living in a garage in Amsterdam. The light penetrates from the roof, between shadows and matter

In one of the most beautiful districts of Amsterdam, a 230m2 garage is converted to accommodation by i29 Architects. Openings on the roof and a large patio bring light inside, between plays of shadows the material defines the space.

Space is a valuable asset in Amsterdam. So, buying a 230m2 high garage in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods is a great opportunity. The only problem: the light. This was the focal point on which the whole project revolved.

Natural light enters through the roof windows, light and simple colours and materials have been retained within the space: the white walls contrast with the raw oak surfaces, the black surfaces and the grey cement floor.

The custom designed kitchen has a large wooden sliding door to cover the pantry area. There is a cooking island in front of it, which contests with its absolute blackness. The built-in cabinets and the fireplace are made of the same contrasting materials to create units. Full-height wooden walls with integrated doors, form the entrance to more private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms. For even more natural light, a patio has been created between the living room and master bedroom.