House by the sea with container extension
House by the sea in Spain. A container as an expansion and the luxury of the lagoon view

A small fishing house in the front line on a salt lake in the south of Spain was the perfect place to experience a new life, fulfilling the dream of the new owners, to live by the sea. The project envisages a low cost expansion thanks to the use of a container

This old building needed renovation to increase comfort, to increase space and to adapt to the needs of the new tenants. The architects' proposal is part of a Direct Recycling project that reflects on how architectural design can offer a recycling experience

House by the sea with container extension, positioning

The house is located in a fishing village in the lagoon of Mar a location with the climatic conditions typical of the marine environment of the Mediterranean Sea and characterised by the presence of lots of sunshine

House by the sea with container extension, positioning

The architects' idea was to put a container at the centre of the project. So, this reused container was perforated on several sides and customised with new spaces such as a shower overlooking the lagoon and a skylight reconfiguring the interior lighting. The new volume was manufactured in a closed shop before being transferred and positioned over the pre-existing building and is covered in an orange insulating layer that makes it unique and original

House by the sea with container extension, positioning

Exposed concrete, under-floor heating, bent sheet metal and polycarbonate are the elements that characterise the expressive materiality of this house, where luxury does not lie in the refined finishes but in the strength of the views