bookstore and work of art
Homage to antiquity. Plaster reproduction of the Venus of Arles between hidden games

The Chilean artist, Sebastian Errazuriz, with this work creates a provocation on the debate of art by transforming a statue of inestimable value into a functional design, overcoming the boundaries of classification and deliberately descending into the banal

he work is a tribute to the icon statue of Venus D'Arles. Originally a gift from Julius Caesar to the city of Arles, the sculpture was later lost until its discovery in the 17th century in Versailles. Venus was at the centre of a debate at the Louvre where the question of its location was raised, whether it was among the antiquities or in the 17th century galleries

The bookcase envelops the work of art

The meaning of Art has been questioned by every movement in the history of art. Similarly, the "sacrilege" that takes place through this piece investigates the meaning of art through time

The bookcase envelops the work of art

In the foreground, an intricate system of strategically placed mahogany shelves surround and veil the marble statue, creating an interesting play with the visible and the invisible. Its function is that of a bookcase, but it can also be interpreted as a "scaffold", giving value to the object almost as if it were an ancient sculpture under protection

The bookcase envelops the work of art

The fluid body of Venus draped and half-naked creates a contrast with the wooden scaffolding that at first glance seems randomly arranged, but is carefully constructed and positioned to accommodate books and other objects. Sebastian manages to transform a piece of art into a functional element, combining the lines of art and design into a piece that creates the exhibition