Graphics and social distance. Posters as communication tools for a new habit

The CannonDesign Team has been dealing with communication and strategies for companies for years, in light of the new social habits dictated by the events of recent months, reflecting on how road signs could be transformed into totems to dictate new messages.

Paying attention to road signs along a daily route was the starting point for this communication project. Seeing them an infinite number of times, and at every step, focusing on what they were really saying: crossing the street, don't go in, don't park, go ahead...

Those were the rules of the road a few weeks ago. They're less important now. Today, the society needs constant reminders of social distance, staying at home, protecting our elders, and much more. So the idea that these universally recognizable road signs could be totems for the messages we need in these unprecedented times

These images represent an exploration. How communication tools such as road signs could help us adapt to the new normal? The hope is that these images will serve as a love letter to the places we live in for the people we miss, and all this will unite us, even when we have to be at least two metres away.